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My name is Volha and I'm a freelance artist, graphic designer and illustrator with 10+ years of experience. I also enjoy being an art teacher in my solo online educational project, filming and editing videos for my YouTube channel and publishing postcards and coloring books.


I’m extremely responsible, hard-working, creative, quick in response and easy to work with. Skilled in both digital (such as Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator) and traditional media and having a wide range of interests from a logo design to a book illustration. I have energy and passion for working independently and don't need strong control for a project to be perfectly done in time.

My average hourly rate is $15. A fixed-price for a bigger project is also possible.


I'm always open to any interesting suitable offers but will give preference to my favourite subjects. I can take some very urgent task but only if it appeals to me or the fee is higher.

You are welcome to email me with your questions. I'm not a native speaker but have been studying English since my early childhood so there definitely won't be any problem in communication. Though I better prefer writing than speaking.

Looking forward to working with you! :)